Next to me is Aubrey McClendon,
founder of Chesapeake Energy Corporation.
McClendon revolutionized the oil and gas industry with his utilization of advanced technology to obtain unconventional resources.
Thus, fracking became the most logical and effective method for natural gas exploration.
Aubrey McClendon also generously donated a large amount of his own resources to bring to life a majority of Oklahoma City’s newfound attractions.On the other side of Aubrey McClendon is Chris Pinion.
Pinion is one of the top marketing strategists for Cochran Chemical Company
Since hiring Chris the company has comfortably remained a heavy presence in the industry providing top tier services, giving them the superb reputation that most of us know and trust.I feel very honored to have been able to meet the late and great Aubrey McClendon, and I am blessed to boast Chris as a friend I consider dear to me.The oil and gas industry can be tough at times. Without warning, this industry can push us in many different directions.
Overall, this has been an amazing experience.
You can always find beauty regardless of the circumstance.

– Christian Van Spencer | Owner